Month: June 2020

What are the next steps?

What are the Next Steps for the Evil Doers? Written by Brian Massie [LFC Comments: Thanks to a Brecksville lobbyist for this article about British citizens tearing down their statues.  Obviously, we are witnessing a worldwide effort to destroy Western… Read More ›

AWT…apprenticeship program

[LFC Comment: We received a link to the News-Herald article discussing the Lake County apprenticeship program.] ***** Here is the article written by Chad Felton of the News-Herald: “The Alliance for Working Together Foundation has announced the beginning of the… Read More ›

Geauga County Sheriff…gearing up

[LFC Comments:  Geauga County “gearing up” for violence moving into Geauga County.] Thanks to a Kirtland lobbyist for this Maple Leaf article. Excerpts from the article: “Geauga County Sheriff Scott Hildenbrand wants local law enforcement ready for a “show… Read More ›