Month: June 2020

AWT…apprenticeship program

[LFC Comment: We received a link to the News-Herald article discussing the Lake County apprenticeship program.] ***** Here is the article written by Chad Felton of the News-Herald: “The Alliance for Working Together Foundation has announced the beginning of the… Read More ›

Face Masks…another hoax

Face Masks: The Radical Leftist Symbol of Submission by Linda Goudsmit June 26, 2020   Masks have been a part of societies for 9,000 years. The earliest masks were used for rituals and ceremonies. Later, they were used in… Read More ›

Looking for a job?…Here is virtual job fair

For those interesting in finding a job in Lake County, here is a link to a virtual job fair that may provide opportunities for all.  The Lake County manufacturer, Fredon is featured in the video.

Meet the New LC Port Authority Director

This is David Anderson, former Mayor of the City of Willoughby.  Here is a 2017 News-Herald article that gives a little history of Mr. Anderson’s tenure as Willoughby’s  Mayor. We are writing this article to congratulate Mr. Anderson for… Read More ›

Geauga County Sheriff…gearing up

[LFC Comments:  Geauga County “gearing up” for violence moving into Geauga County.] Thanks to a Kirtland lobbyist for this Maple Leaf article. Excerpts from the article: “Geauga County Sheriff Scott Hildenbrand wants local law enforcement ready for a “show… Read More ›