Adam Dudziak [D]…State Rep. Candidate District 61

Adam Dudziak

Adam Dudziak Candidate for State Rep. District 61

[LFC Comments:  This is another article on the Ohio State Representative race for  District 61 between the incumbent Jamie Callender [R] and Adam Dudziak [D].  Mr. Dudziak provided us with his answers to our initial set of  questions.

Here is a link to the first article :

Since Mr. Dudziak’s strengths appears to be in education, we decided to follow-up with another series of questions to try to help our readers determine how Mr. Dudziak’s beliefs will impact his role as a State Representative.]


Follow-up Questions for Mr. Dudziak:
!. Do you favor a school voucher system that allows a child to attend any Ohio public school of their choice?
2. Do you believe that schools should be competing for children rather than automatically assuming all children in their district will go to their schools?
3. The Cleveland Public School system has 70% of their children graduating from high school without the ability to read?  How can that possibly happen, and what is the solution to the problem?
4. What is your position on Ohio’s current school grading system?  How should the taxpayer measure the performance of our public schools?
5. Do you agree with these statements:  Ohio schools preach equality of opportunity, but really want equality of outcome. They are lowering the standards so that everyone can succeed.
6. Do you agree with the current social, emotional learning programs in the Ohio public schools?
7. Do you agree with the current sexual education programs in the Ohio public schools?
8. Do you agree with our statements that evil works in incremental steps, and when you destroy the family, babies, and morality a society will collapse?
9. What is your position on the Common Core curriculum? Should it be abolished?

Mr. Dudziak’s Responses:

“I am in support of the Common Core to a certain extent.   Standards and accountability are not a bad thing.   My problem with education is that we are so focused on curriculum that we run short on time for many critical topics.  These topics include but are not limited to:

-Mental and Emotional Health awareness (“covered in Health class” but we need more time and resources for this topic)

-Social justice/Injustice issues and awareness.

-More emphasis on financial literacy and career planning (again, “covered” but not enough time to dig deep)

-More time to learn about ethics, morals, being good people and citizens.

-More time to learn and respect different cultures (ie. African American history, positives of other countries, etc.)

My belief is that the Common Core should be the outline of what should be taught in school but local school boards should have more leeway to adjust this content as needed.

State testing is an expensive waste of time that will only show the correlation between socioeconomics and family structure.  I can pretty much show you TODAY how school districts around Ohio will score on state tests next year (hint… their score will correlate to how much income is earned per family).   We do not need to waste the money nor school time to jump through these hoops. ”

you decide
[LFC Comments:  It is not our intent to weigh in on the responses or debate Mr. Dudziak.  
Our goal is to provide a forum for candidates to express their positions on topics that may interest our readers, and allow us to “pull back the curtain” to show  a different side of the candidates that,  heretofore, have not been exposed.
We thank Mr. Dudziak for his timely responses to our questions.
We will next reach out to Jamie Callender, and try to understand why Mr. Callender wants a second term as the State Representative for District 61.]

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