Meet the New LC Port Authority Director

David anderson

This is David Anderson, former Mayor of the City of Willoughby.  Here is a 2017 News-Herald article that gives a little history of Mr. Anderson’s tenure as Willoughby’s  Mayor.

We are writing this article to congratulate Mr. Anderson for being selected as the new Director of the Lake County Port and Economic Development Authority replacing Mark Rantala.

There will be a Lake County Port Authority meeting today (6/24) at the Holiday Inn, 7701 Reynolds Road, Mentor at 3:00 pm.  Perhaps this will be the venue to announce the selection of Mr. Anderson as the new Director.  We have assumed for many months that Mr. Anderson would be offered the position.  Therefore, the process of asking for applications and resume appears to be just a show for the citizens.

  1. In early January of 2020, one of our sources whispered in our ear that David Anderson, former Mayor of the City of Willoughby (26 years in office) would be coming out of retirement to take the position of Executive Director of the LCOPEDA. Oh joy and rapture.
  2. On January 22, 2020, after the deadline for submitting resumes for the Executive Director position had passed, LFC made a records request asking for copies of all the resumes received for the position of Executive Director of the Lake County Ohio Port and Economic Development Authority.
  3. On January 31, 2020, LFC received copies of 28 resumes that had been submitted for the position. We were amused at some of the submissions.  Here is the resume of Mr. Anderson:    David Anderson
  4. A Master’s Degree was listed as one of the hard “must have” requirements for the position, i.e. years of experience are not considered in lieu of the degree.
  5. Of the 28 resumes received, there were 2 individuals that appeared to us as far more qualified than Mr. Anderson (it is unclear from his resume whether he actually has a Master’s Degree). [LFC COMMENT: Typically when a particular requirement, such as a Master’s Degree, is stated in job posting most people would ensure that their resume includes that requirement. Why did Mr. Anderson not feel he needed to include that information? Does he have a Master’s Degree? Or did he know that he already had the job, and just didn’t feel he needed to go through the entire exercise like everyone else had to?] 
  6. With some input of knowledgeable sources, we learned that Mayor Anderson was Mayor of the City of Willoughby for 26 years; and the City of Willoughby was responsible for the Lost Nation Airport during his tenure. The buck stops with the Mayor, and that airport was literally run into the ground. Now that the County has taken over the airport and the people are on the hook for funding this thing FOREVER, the Port Authority Board, in their infinite wisdom, are planning to hand over management of the airport to the same guy that was responsible for running it into the ground? Does anything about that make sense, other than the good old boy network in Lake County?
  7. Maybe the reason they hired David Anderson (we heard it was only a part time position, but have been unable to confirm that at this time) is because they are out of money, and could not afford to hire the right individual. Beginning in 2020, the LCOPEDA is no longer receiving lodging tax funds (previously funneled through the Visitors Bureau) to pay the salary and pension of their Coastal Manager. This was, from the beginning, an improper use of lodging tax funds under the ORC. The Commissioners finally fixed this illegal use of lodging tax funds after 6 years. It does concern us a bit that it took our investigation to fix this little glitch. They also lost a lot of other funding too. The big bond deals that this moronic board kept Rantala around for did not materialize. Lottery money is way down. Most of the other funding they were receiving from GCP and the feds dried up with COVID. So, they had to take Rantala’s salary, which was well over six figures, and split it between Anderson and the coastal manager.
  8. The Lake County Commissioners have subbed out economic development to the LCOPEDA…and thanks to the former director and the LCOPEDA board, the LCOPEDA is a shell of its former self. And where are they with the execution of that Strategic Plan they spent thousands of dollars on? Oh yeah…they were focusing on  going over budget by 100 percent on the Better Flip. Most people want to blame everything on the former Director, Mark Rantala.However, there is enough blame to go around. We place the blame squarely where it belongs, at the feet of the unelected LCOPEDA Board, and Commissioners Jerry Cirino and Ron Young. They refused to manage Rantala, and turned a blind eye when LFC provided the proof to the Commissioners of the Board’s ineptness.   They were guilty of misfeasance for not preparing a budget for the Better Flip, and now they plan to hand over the airport to the same guy who ran it into the ground.  What could go wrong there?    [Sidebar: Take note of who has contributed to Cirino’s campaign coffers as he runs for the State Senate.  Yes, we will expose that in a later article.  You always must follow the money.]
  9. Lake County is an aging community.  The power elites are going to have to stop recycling the same, good old boy, politicians, and start looking at some younger talent with some new, fresh ideas.



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  4. It does look like this Board has run this organization into the ground. A part-time Executive Director of our county’s Economic Development arm? During this crisis? It makes no sense. And yep, the Good Ole Boy network is alive and well!

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