Month: August 2020

Time to face the music…

[LFC Comments: Thanks to a Lorain County patriot for this article. Looks like a prosecutor is about to face justice. When a public official abuses their power while in office, it undermines our system of justice.] Excerpts from the… Read More ›

To Wear or Not to Wear a Mask…that is the question

[LFC Comments: Thanks to Concord Bob for this article. This is one topic that we can say is not “settled science”.] CDC guidelines say wearing a mask during prolonged exposure to coronavirus won’t prevent possible infection by Emma Colton, Social… Read More ›

President Trump’s Agenda…is it bad?

Written by “The Patriot” For those that are interested in President Trump’s agenda for his second four year term, here is a link to the Republican website: Excerpts from the article: “…America’s greatness is reflected in his second-term goals… Read More ›

Portland Hate Crime Letter

Tom Z Leaders Demand Investigation of Hate Crime in Portland by: Tom Zawistowski 2020-08-24 Source: We the People Convention Leaders demand that DOJ Civil Rights Division and U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Investigate Portland Incident August 24, 2020 Assistant Attorney General… Read More ›

Is Dr. Fauci a deceiver?

Life, Liberty and Levin…exposing the lies, deceptions and betrayals. Here is a 6 minute video where the Yale epidemiologist contradicts Dr. Fauci. Renowned epidemiologist sees ‘massive disinformation campaign’ against hydroxychloroquine From the Spectator we learn the following: Excerpts… Read More ›