Month: August 2020

It’s a Matter of Life

It’s a Matter of Life Written by: “Anonymous One” When we elect our lawmakers in America, we influence the moral character of this nation for better or for worse.  When our laws permit violence against little babies, incidents like the… Read More ›

To Wear or Not to Wear a Mask…that is the question

[LFC Comments: Thanks to Concord Bob for this article. This is one topic that we can say is not “settled science”.] CDC guidelines say wearing a mask during prolonged exposure to coronavirus won’t prevent possible infection by Emma Colton, Social… Read More ›

Is Dr. Fauci a deceiver?

Life, Liberty and Levin…exposing the lies, deceptions and betrayals. Here is a 6 minute video where the Yale epidemiologist contradicts Dr. Fauci. Renowned epidemiologist sees ‘massive disinformation campaign’ against hydroxychloroquine From the Spectator we learn the following: Excerpts… Read More ›