Lakeland Community College…inauspicious first day for Fall Semester

[LFC Comments: We received the following from a Lake County lobbyist that keeps us informed about Lakeland Community College. We are not sure how the CoVid-19 issue is impacting the college enrollment, but these pictures indicate that they may be on life support. ]

Lakeland Community College First Day of Fall Semester

I took these pictures a few minutes ago. Today is the first day of Fall semester and this shows the level of activity. This should be the busiest day of the year, but the place is a ghost town.

No word on reducing the pay or number of “ administrators “ presiding over this debacle.

This lack of students will represent a financial hit that LCC will have a very difficult time surviving. Nevertheless, [Morris] Beverage [College President] continues to draw his $312,000 annual salary, plus his large pension.

How is that justified ?

I think they have quietly tabled their dormitory project.

Another good question – many area colleges have announced pay cuts for administrators.Why hasn’t Lakeland? A recent PD article pointed out that the administrators collectively cost the college $250,000 per week, very difficult to justify given the current situation. Who are they “ administrating “ ?

It was announced sometime ago that fall enrollments we’re down by more than 40%. There should be a reduction in cost at the top. Instead they do away with secretaries and a messenger.

It’s about time someone gave Beverage a message, namely that taxpayers have had enough.It has been years since Lakeland has actually functioned as a college.


[LFC Comments: The Lake County Commissioners appoint members to the LCC Board. However, that is about the only involvement by the three Republican Commissioners. We would be more impressed if they were more interested in how the taxpayer funded Lakeland Community College should interact with the community.

Unfortunately, it is a college that has lost touch with the needs of the local community.]

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  1. Great question. You would think…

  2. That is a definite maybe….wonder if tuition costs go down because of the on-line classes?

  3. Methinks many of the classes are on-line. Makes for a less crowded first day parking lot.

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