Month: April 2021

Freedom Party America

The Freedom Party America Platform is the party’s anchor. It is designed to serve as a basis for legislation and the general management policies of the United States of America which, successfully campaigned, will bring our civil code and national conduct to within the meaning and intent of the US Constitution and the nation’s founders.

Epilogue to a Friendship

“She votes for the destruction of my country, for a sellout to China, to welcome losing our individual freedoms, and for the numerous hate-spewing antisemites that the democrats (Pelosi, et al) put into powerful positions, the most renowned being Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and AOC. ”

Nevada Mayor Leaves Democrat Party

The Biden/Harris-globalist/Marxist regime is promoting every destructive policy to collapse America and turn our sovereign republic into a socialist state. From there, a globalist one-world government will be imposed – America will become a totalitarian surveillance state run by a permanent political class. …Linda Goudsmit