Defending the Right to Bear Arms

LFC Comments: Thanks to Tom Niewulis of Geauga County for this article.


Claridon Township Residents Urge Trustees to Defend Right to Bear Arms


Claridon Township may be the first township in Geauga County to pass a Second Amendment preservation resolution

Claridon Township may be the first township in Geauga County to pass a Second Amendment preservation resolution.

Resident Tom Niewulis, concerned the current White House and Congress plan to pass gun control legislation, told Claridon Township Trustees after their regular meeting April 19 he wants the board to ensure residents’ rights and liberties are protected.

“We’re free citizens in Ohio. We want to retain our rights,” he said, adding he feels the federal government is encroaching on those rights.

Niewulis, one of two dozen residents at Monday’s meeting, said the grassroots effort to stop the federal government from eroding the right to bear arms is spreading throughout Ohio and is strong in Indiana.

Trustee Jonathan Tiber said the states of Arizona and Utah and some counties have already passed similar legislation and he presented a draft of a resolution for the other two trustees to consider, saying he hopes for a favorable vote at the next meeting.

“This (movement) starts here at the lowest magistrate level. The purist form of American democracy is at this level,” he said.

When public officials are sworn in, they take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the State of Ohio and the Constitution of the United State of America, both of which include amendments ensuring the right of citizens to bear arms, Tiber said.

Those rights should be defended by the county sheriff, regardless of what Congress passes, he said, adding he sent a copy of the draft he drew up to Geauga County Sheriff Scott Hildenbrand.

Niewulis said the Geauga County Commissioners need to take initiative against the federal government infringing on the Second Amendment.

It is incumbent upon the citizens to push the issue to the county and state level, he said.

“States have a certain level of sovereignty. It carries a lot of weight,” Tiber said.

He said he wants Claridon Township to take the lead and to encourage other townships to pass similar resolutions.

With township support, the county commissioners can pass their own resolution and let the state know what their constituents want, he said.

Some other township trustees have asked for copies of the draft resolution and he would like trustees to review it and sign it at the May 3 Claridon trustees meeting, he said.

In addition, Tiber urged those in the audience to come together.

“I want to issue a serious challenge, for you to organize yourselves as a community,” he said, offering the possibility of a community forum and picnic in order for people to become better acquainted.

“I challenge you to get to know each other, to take a joyful ownership in your community,” he said.
Tom Niewulis

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Update from Tom Niewulis:

There are 30 Counties in Oh that have implemented a 2A Resolution. The link is to a national map but you can zoom in on Oh.

Here is a link to HB 62:




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