Drones R Us…Coming soon to all Lake County fire departments.

Thanks to a Concord Lobbyists for this information.  The Lobbyist was worried about the cost and the absolute need for unmanned drones for firefighters. https://www.facebook.com/lcfca43/?__tn__=kCH-R&eid=ARChEsJC_YjHRyp8xgdg3P1u8IBwo3rkTEijiIyctMWwkalMTJC7HOBYAWWB6yCVmrOFm5MgVkr3XLC2&hc_ref=ARREAdj1eJz34DJ0LsWSrWnk6z9mH79svBe3a68dp7hNHo6NF3skxLnc1I_0OoLBhUY&fref=nf (LFC Comments:  At first blush this seems like great technology that could save lives.  However,… Read More ›

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