Why was Tucker Carlson fired?

In my opinion, the Dominion settlement was #2 reason, not #1 reason Tucker Carlson was fired. The Jan 6 footage Carlson released on March 6, 2023, clearly implicated the Capitol police, and explained why the Democrats attempted to keep the footage hidden from public view. The footage exposed Jan 6 as a false flag designed to interrupt the legal challenges to certification of Biden’s 2020 electoral vote win that were taking place in a joint session of Congress at the time, and Pelosi’s entire Jan 6 narrative as lies. It worked until Tucker Carlson released the Jan 6 tapes the Democrats were concealing.


Airing the suppressed Jan 6 tapes, was a serious threat to the entire Democrat narrative still vehemently denying 2020 election malfeasance by the Democrat party, Dominion, and Fox. So, what does Fox do? Fox settles the Dominion (best defense is an offense strategy) lawsuit, and “admits” that “certain claims” made during Trump’s election challenge were false. REALLY?

The Dominion settlement basically buries the evidence against Dominion, and the settlement will be used as Democrat “proof” that Dominion was “innocent” of election malfeasance. Dominion systems will continue to be used by the Uniparty, and there will never be an honest presidential election in the United States. It really won’t matter who the candidates are. 

Consider this, the day after RFK Jr. announced his candidacy, the Democrats announce there will be no presidential debates. The Uniparty cannot allow RFK Jr to expose the globalist Uniparty, because then the entire house of corrupt Democrat/RINO politicians is exposed. The Uniparty is globalism’s 3-legged stool of political medicine (RFK Jr), politicized educational indoctrination, and corrupt politicians (Democrats/RINOs) collaborating with corporatist media (including Fox) in the march through the nation’s institutions to politicize them. Dominion Voting Systems facilitates the Uniparty. 

LInda Goudsmit / April 25, 2023

 goudsmit.pundicity.com  and website: lindagoudsmit.com 






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