Month: May 2020

Motor Voter Registration…bad idea

(LFC Comments: Thanks to one of our Kirtland lobbyist for this article on voter fraud in Oregon.  We do not support individuals being automatically registered to vote simply by getting a driver’s license.) Excerpt from the article: “The likely… Read More ›

Willoughby Hills…shining the light into the darkness

(LFC Comments: Our friends at Willoughby Hills News published this article, and mentioned our prior posts, about a very cozy relationship between Mayor Gardner and his old BFF – the dumper.) Mayor Andy Gardner Admits He’s “Old Friends” With… Read More ›

Let’s hear it for Kayleigh..

The premier Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, “body slams” the fake news “so-called journalists” for their lack of curiosity about Obama’s misdeeds. In case the “journalists” were visual learners, she wrote out the questions that they should ask. This young lady… Read More ›

New School Practices for Fall

(LFC Comments:  Thanks to Kirsten for this article on the State’s changes for schools opening in the Fall.) *********************1776 “In the draft, the state board gave the following daily precautions recommended by the Ohio Department of Health for schools… Read More ›