Ohio Senate Restricts Election Changes…a definite maybe

(LFC Comments:  Thanks to a Kirtland lobbyist for this article.)


Excerpts from the article:

“The Ohio Senate on Wednesday passed a bill that would prevent any state official from changing the time, place or manner of the election.”

“Senate President Larry Obhof said the language, inserted as an amendment​ to an unrelated bill on Wednesday, is meant to assert that Ohio will offer in-person voting this November.”

“The bill the Senate passed Wednesday includes only one exception — for an existing law that allows Ohio’s governor to postpone an election due to an “enemy attack.”

(LFC Comments:  This is a long way from becoming law.  Why it has to be inserted as an amendment to an unrelated bill is beyond our understanding.   It seems that this tactic provides political cover to all the politicians.  They can vote against the overall bill, but can tell their constituents that they were for the amendment restricting  changing the election time and place.

facepalm image

Okay, we must confess to not what they mean by “postponing the election due to an enemy attack”.  Would this be a real or imaginary enemy?  Would it be a war on one front or two?  How about another virus, or  a computer hacking attack by the nefarious Russian bots? 

And politicians wonder why their approval rating is lower than a snake’s belly.)


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