Month: December 2020

Dave Joyce…he is a Deceiver

Congressman Dave Joyce – representing Ohio’s 14th District

“Just Not So Transparent Dave just showed his true colors. He is a swamp creature of the highest order.

He wants the U.S. to continue to be in perpetual, needless wars, and supports censorship by big Tech.

He is not a man of honor!

We the People Press Release

“The goal of our Ad is to bring out into the open and finally talk about the elephant in the room, that many in Washington will not acknowledge, and of which many Americans are uniformed, thanks to media and big tech censorship, and that is the existential threat from Communist China to our Republic and the World.”

CCP and California Government Employee

Taxpayers paid $1.7 million to ex-pension fund manager Meng.

California taxpayers shelled out more than $1 million to a man linked to a Chinese espionage program, making him the state government’s highest-paid worker.

Meng told the propaganda outlet People’s Daily that he worked for SAFE out of patriotic commitment to “the motherland.”