Election Fraud in Georgia Explained by Expert

[LFC Comments: A tip of the hat to Linda Goudsmit for sending this video to us. This gentleman is obviously an expert in his field. The Georgia Secretary of State has some explaining to do.]


This is how you DETECT Election Fraud using scanning technology.
This is Jovan Pulitzer’s presentation at the GA Senate Meeting. It was in a word “DEVASTATING” to #DNC & #DeepStateCabal

LIVE: GA Senate subcommittee holds hearing on election issues (Dec. 30)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjbAFuoQOvo&t=66m36s

This link will take you directly to the 18 minute section to watch out of the 3 hour senate hearing.

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  1. Ah yes, the inventor of the famously successful CueCat (a bar code scanner shaped like a cat) who later adopted a pseudonym and became a “treasure hunter.” Obviously, he’s an expert in his field (of cat-shaped scanning technology?) and not at all a charlatan and grifter. The only question I have is: will his election fraud detection scanner be cat-shaped?


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