Free Speech Zone

CRT…no diversity of thought allowed

After World War II, a man named Richard Bernstein spread Critical Theory to many  elite Universities throughout the United States. And in the 1970’s, a black professor  at Harvard University named Derrick Bell morphed Critical Theory into Critical Race Theory 
to further push the Marxist ideology under a different framework.

A Modest Proposal

The Jews established the Sabbath for humans with comparable respect to animals, abolished slavery, and created the first human settlement in Jerusalem around 3500 BCE, which became the capital of the Jewish kingdom in 1000 BCE.

Changing Minds…through education and deception

The pathway to the final destination goes by the Orwellian term, Agenda 21, the schema that indoctrinates to retrofit our children for future global citizenship, to overtake properties and communities, and to transform America with the enticing promise of social and economic development in a competitive (not free) marketplace.