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Moving Toward a Police State…?

(LFC Comments:  We welcome another contributor to our free speech zone.)   Suspending the Constitution: Police State Uses Crises to Expand Its Lockdown Powers By John W. Whitehead March 24, 2020 “That was when they suspended the Constitution. They… Read More ›

Coronvirus & Liberty…Sam Adams speaks out

(LFC Comments:  Constitutional expert Tom Niewulis speaks out Coronavirus and Liberty) *********************1776 Saturday on Samuel Adams Returns – The Anti-federalists Got It Right: “Coronavirus and Liberty“ Broadcast: Listen Saturday at 1AM (10 PM Pacific) or 9 AM and 7 PM Eastern on ***The… Read More ›

How Deep is the Swamp?

The growth of government at all levels is out of control. Ivy League colleges are government contractors because of the outlandish grants they receive.  The lies, deceptions and betrayals of our politicians and bureaucrats are really profound. If you are… Read More ›

Taharrush…so what is it?

(LFC Comments:  The birthrate in Europe is so low that some of their “leaders” decided to allow unlimited immigration of people from the Middle East and North Africa.  Unbelievably, they pretended to be shocked that the Muslims would not assimilate,… Read More ›

Baby Too Movement

(LFC Comment:  We welcome a new contributor, Dr. John J. Conrad.  We provide a forum to those that want to reasonably express themselves on a subject – even if we do not agree with the arguments.  Freedom of speech with… Read More ›