Month: March 2019

2nd Amendment Advocates…you will like this law

Thanks to our Painesville lobbyist Jim for this article on proposed legislation to help the 2nd amendment advocates: Since this is constitutional and liberty issue we will be following it. So what is LIBERTY? 1. Freedom from arbitrary or despotic government or control. 2. Freedom from external or foreign rule; independence. 3…. Read More ›

Politics defined…..

Just a few observations after attending an all day seminar yesterday on “what makes a politician react”. The seminar started with a definition of “Politics”….many would think that it is “the art of compromise for the common good of all… Read More ›

Senator Rubio……leave our guns alone

Senator Marco Rubio has introduced legislation that may ultimately lead to total gun confiscation.  There are fewer and fewer legislators that are supporting the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution and protecting our God given rights. A “sure fire” way… Read More ›