New School State Funding Formula…

Thanks to our Kirtland lobbyists, we were made aware of the new school funding formula that Representative John Patterson mentioned to us at our meeting a few weeks ago.

3-29-19 Executive Summary – Fair School Funding Plan

Here is an Excel worksheet sorted by County that provides the anticipated State funding for each Ohio school district.

Fair School Funding Plans Simulations 3.29.19 – 12pm

In the next week or so,  we will be reviewing the numbers to determine the impact on Lake County schools and taxpayers.

Call us cynical, but even if the State increases there funding (we predict it will be marginal for Lake County schools – even without reviewing the numbers), we highly doubt there will be any reduction in local property taxes.

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  3. We completely agree. Progressives do not believe that the nuclear family is important in the education of a child. We categorically deny that premise. In addition, it is our belief that many of the churches have “left the battlefield”. There are a myriad of reasons for their departure, but the secular humanists have filled the void, and seem to be in control at this time. This is a long up-hill battle.

  4. I will start with a paraphrase of a quote I have seen pertaining to government. “If you don’t like the mess we have given you, wait until you see our solutions!”

    I have a number of issues and questions with what is being proposed.

    1. Who were the “frontline educators” who were involved with developing this proposal?

    2. The more progressives seek to “improve” our system of public education, the worse it gets.

    3. Why do we have to send our tax dollars to Columbus for them to figure out how to re-distribute them back to us again? Our tax dollars for education should be voted on locally, paid locally, and used locally. Otherwise, some end up paying tax dollars in their locale which end up going someplace else. Redistribution of wealth? So we send our tax dollars to Columbus. Columbus sends them somewhere else. Then our school system says it needs more money. We end up paying for our own school system as well as the others.

    4. The federal government (via an unholy bipartisan union of both Democrats and most Republicans) refuses to stop the invasion of illegal immigrants. These illegal immigrants make their way here (think Painesville among other places) where our state and local officials many times either directly or indirectly encourage them. And then we are on the hook for paying for teaching them English. And this is probably only the tip of the iceberg with respect to the cost of illegal immigrants.

    5. The state wants to “support high-quality preschool for young children”. This is nonsense. The left keeps trying to foist on us the notion that if we only begin to teach our children at a younger age, they they will have a better start in life. There are numerous studies that demonstrate that when a child has reached a developmental level at which he is has the capacity to learn various skills, he can learn them very quickly. Everyone would recognize how ludicrous it would be to try to teach an infant to walk when he is one month old. Why? Because he isn’t developmentally ready to do so. When he has developed physically to the point where he is capable of walking it doesn’t take long for him to learn this skill. Trying to teach children to read before they are ready is counterproductive. The only thing the child will learn is that reading is hard and he will not want to do it.

    6. I was offended by the proposition, “It treats all Ohio school districts and taxpayers fairly, based on capacity to pay.” How is this not redistribution of wealth? This goes to the heart of the matter. According to the solutions proposed by progressives, the quality of the education is measured by the amount of money spent on it. In reality, which doesn’t seem to have a bearing on policy decisions any longer, the quality of education is determined by teaching skills when the children are ready to comprehend them. This starts with the old three R’s; reading, writing, and arithmetic. These are the foundation for any and all future learning. If we fail in these, it doesn’t matter what else we do.

    7. A much greater factor than how much money is spent per student is the family structure and support. The progressives dismiss the concept of the nuclear family. Yet it is the most important factor. A well organized and disciplined home school can significantly outperform the public school, and at a fraction of the cost. Why? Because the focus is on teaching their children the basic skills necessary to be able to learn. I don’t believe that the focus of the progressive educational establishment is first and foremost on teaching the basic learning skills to our children.

    8. This proposal only addresses how the taxpayers are to pay for the ever increasing cost of public education. What is not addressed is what can be done about reducing the ever increasing cost. What is driving it? And what can we do to minimize it?

    9. And who might be the beneficiary of more money being given to our public school systems? Perhaps the teachers unions? And perhaps the teachers unions may have had some input for this proposal? See comment number one.

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