CHAPTER 13: Fomenting Race Wars Begins in Kindergarten

“American education was chosen as the vulnerable soft target for revolution—no bullets required. The long-term strategy was that two generations of leftist educational indoctrination would transform America from a capitalist constitutional republic into the socialist state required for internationalized one-world government.”…Linda Goudsmit

Chapter 12: Seeding Race Wars

“The nuclear family is the societal infrastructure of our constitutional republic. Globalism, a binary sociopolitical system of rulers and ruled, makes no space for the nuclear family because it is a competing ideology. The globalist strategic plan is to destroy the American family in order to destroy America. The tactical plan is to divide and conquer. Subversive education is the weapon, students are the target, and teachers are the foot soldiers.”…Linda Goudsmit

Spiritual Warfare From The Bible

“There is a spiritual war going on in America and everywhere else on this earth and in the heavenlies!!!  YOU are in a spiritual war whether you know it or acknowledge it.  Many Christians and non-Christians are being destroyed today because they are not engaged or know of this spiritual war.”…Reverend Glynn Adams

Becky Lynch, Annie Payne & Rose Ioppolo Speak Out About Pornography in Mentor Schools

It is very refreshing to see and hear such Christian stalwarts as Board members Rose Ioppolo and Annie Payne continue to protect the children in their districts from the seemingly never ending onslaught of sexual material and perversion in their district. We also thank Ms. Becky Lynch for stepping up to the front line and expressing her concerns to the Board and the Administration.