Who is John Galt?

One of the books that changed my life when I first read it years and years ago was Atlas Shrugged. It should be required reading for every American kid. The book was written by a woman who had fled communism…. Read More ›

Lessons for Liberators

Lessons for Liberators   by Tabitha Korol     “A Little Piece of Ground,” by Elizabeth Laird, is a propagandist book available to all children in many libraries across the country.  It concerns 12-year-old Karim who lives in Ramallah, historically… Read More ›

Smokescreen on Samaria

Smokescreen on Samaria by Tabitha Korol Islamists use our country’s laws and multicultural activism to transform our public libraries into venues for spreading Islam. The indoctrination includes stories that skew the truths and conceal their violent history.   William Sutcliffe’s The… Read More ›