Month: May 2021

It’s a Matter of Life

These children, chosen by God to ignite the kindness that lies dormant in people’s souls and to plant the seeds of empathy in our hearts, never get a chance to make us better people for having known them.

Pasadena Patriots Meetup

Dear Patriot Warriors, * Tuesday, May 11th (two events)Your voice is needed!  Say NO to Digital Passports at the Orange County Board of Supervisors meeting. If you are not able to physically attend, there are instructions for you to remotely communicate. Watch this message from Leigh Dundas, who… Read More ›

Pasadena Patriots…share what is happening at Westmont College

It has come to my attention that, pending a vote from the Board of Trustees, Westmont will be implementing a new GE requirement titled Justice, Reconciliation, and Diversity (JRD). While these goals are honorable, implementing a GE core thoroughly rooted in critical theory and postmodern epistemology will be detrimental to members of our community, both as scholars and Christians.

Dems Attacking Veterans

The irony is that there is no place for agitators and useful idiots in globalism’s one-world government. The dispensable agitators and useful idiots will be lined up and shot – just like every communist government before them has done.

Human Trafficking in Summit County

According to a release from the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, the following individuals were arrested and charged for engaging in prostitution after answering an on-line advertisement offering explicit sexual services in exchange for a cash payment: