Vax-A-Million lawsuit

Ohio citizens group sues state over Vax-A-Million lottery to encourage vaccinations

By Kevin Martin 

A citizen’s group is suing Ohio alleging the Vax-A-Million lottery campaign encouraging individuals to get vaccinated is illegal and is an unconstitutional use of taxpayer money.

The request for a writ of prohibition was filed by Ohio Stands Up!, represented by Lorain attorney Robert Gargasz in the Ohio Supreme Court.

The suit names Gov. Mike DeWine and Kimberly Murnieks, director of the Office of Budget and Management, as defendants in seeking to put a stop to the Vax-A-Million lottery.

A writ of prohibition is an order issued to prohibit the proceedings of a lower court when a court acts without, or in excess of its jurisdiction. 

The filing seeks to prevent the state from “illegally expending from the public treasury $5 million on an unlawful scheme devised  by the governor (DeWine) without the assistance of the General Assembly that he dubbed the Vax-A-Million lottery.”

The filing also states without basis, the writ of prohibition is necessary “to prevent child abuse and the criminal battery of children in Ohio by dangerous experimental and untested DNA altering poisonous mRNA shots.”

The filing includes four claims for relief arguing expending $5 million for the Vax-A-Million lottery is illegal without the authority of the Ohio General Assembly and asks the court to seek the approval of the General Assembly.




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