Month: October 2019

Status of Women…just the facts

Thanks to the Center for Community Solutions for these revealing facts about the status of women in Ohio.  Here is a link to their page.  You can do a search on all 88 counties in Ohio. We have done… Read More ›

Lesson on How to Cap Your Property Taxes…

It seems that the residents of Hunting Valley believe in a revised version of the GOLDEN RULE –  He who has the gold, makes the rules!  Take a look at this opinion article in

Geoengineering…another deception and waste of money

What is Geoengineering you may ask?  We found this website that tries to explain how humans are “rolling up their sleeves” to fight global warming…check that…”climate change” is now the preferred straw man. “Geoengineering is the deliberate large-scale intervention… Read More ›