Politicians and Abortion…a litmus test for some

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“It’s a Matter of Life…”

If it seems the “political season” is never-ending, that’s because it is.  Once an election is finished, we are constantly subjected to the promises made by the candidates and Parties who will vie in the next election.

Those who have no regard for the sanctity of human life wag their fingers admonishing pro-lifers [LFC prefers “those against abortion”] that being a “single issue voter” is unwise and “ignores all the other just as important issues”.

Sadly, too often even “religious leaders” drone this mantra.  The reality is that if those aspiring to office are wrong on the issue of Life, they are wrong on most every issue that has to do with family, education and the Judeo Christian ethic.

For this reason a candidate’s position on abortion should absolutely be a litmus test. Candidates who are wrong on the slaughter of innocent babies can never be right enough on other issues to make up for it.

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(LFC Comments:  Unfortunately, far too many churches no longer preach the revealed Word of God, but rather the “social gospels” where nothing is off limits.  We are now told that we all have our own “truths”, and the Bible is merely a “guideline” or suggestion on how to treat one another.  To see our possible future, all you have to do is look at what is happening in Europe.  It has been foreshadowing what may happen in our country. Where globalism and a secular rot is destroying their nation states, and socialism is the preferred normal.  The Red/Green Axis is real.]

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  1. John, sadly we are becoming a secular society – much like Europe.

  2. Much truth spoken here! If the average voter had a true relationship with Christ, you would have hundreds if not thousands of comments!

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