Right to Life

It’s a Matter of Life

“It’s A Matter Of Life…” Written by: “Anonymous One” Proponents of the Luciferian  Culture of Death celebrate abortion as the solution when a woman is faced with an unplanned pregnancy. They say the decision to kill the baby is “empowering”;… Read More ›

Trump is the most PRO-LIFE President ever.

https://thefederalist.com/2020/09/23/trump-to-sign-born-alive-executive-order-protecting-premature-babies-and-abortion-survivors/ SEPTEMBER 23, 2020 By Madeline Osburn President Donald Trump announced in a pre-recorded video at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast Wednesday morning that he plans to sign a “born alive” executive order, ensuring medical care for all babies, including those born prematurely or… Read More ›

All Lives Matter

Just a reminder Regardless of political party, if you agree with the Colorado legislature permitting late-term abortion then you have lost your way, and have bought into the deception. You see, ALL LIVES REALLY DO MATTER.

Catholic Priest Supporting Abortion…there will be a “special” place for him

[LFC Comments: We present opposing views on a variety of topics. Here is an article that we diametrically oppose] https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/09/03/jesuit-priest-thomas-reese-stumps-for-catholics-for-biden/ Jesuit Priest Thomas Reese Stumps for ‘Catholics for Biden’ Excerpts from the article: Last Thursday, Father Reese published an essay… Read More ›