It’s a Matter of Life

 “It’s A Matter Of Life…”

Written by: “Anonymous One”
September 20, 2021

Perhaps in the decade of Roe v Wade one could argue that little was known about the development or mortality of an embryo or fetus. Very few instruments were available to detect humanity medically or scientifically.

Today, due to advances in modern technology, this is not an argument that can be made, in particular with the advent of the ultrasound where we can now measure brainwaves and heartbeats within the womb.

Hiding behind word semantics of “choice” and “reproductive rights” politicians, entire political party platforms and the abortion industry have promoted laws of destruction and have caused great pain to millions.

Continuing to murder 3,000 babies each day is the gravest of sins. Too many children have been sacrificed for the sake of convenience and the pain haunts those who make that choice, forever.

It’s time for the crime of abortion to end! 


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