Geoengineering…another deception and waste of money

What is Geoengineering you may ask?  We found this website that tries to explain how humans are “rolling up their sleeves” to fight global warming…check that…”climate change” is now the preferred straw man.

“Geoengineering is the deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s natural systems to counteract climate change.”

A local Willoughby group of patriots will have a meeting to hear from a local expert on this topic.


Geoengineering, petition to Lake County Commissioners. Guest speaker Linda Bogle, Brighter Health Solutions

When: Wednesday, November 6, 2019. 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Where: Above Fionas, (Willoughby general event venue). 4148 Erie St, Willoughby, OH 44094 (Go in front door and up the stairs)

Linda Bogle, guest speaker, will speak in support of our pending petition to the Lake County Commissioners to investigate Geoengineering (aerosol spraying from planes).

Linda Racey Bogle is a marketing partner for Lifeplus International where she works from home marketing their high quality nutritional products. She created a wellness resource website- Brighter Health Solutions to share simple, common sense, wellness solutions with others that benefited her and her family over the years. In addition, Linda is an activist and advocate for victims of vaccine injuries through her involvement with Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom. Linda works tirelessly on social media educating the public on weather geoengineering and its effects on the environment and public health.

You can find out more about Linda at:

We will then discuss our presentation to the Lake County Commissioners. They have meetings open to the public on Thursdays at 10am, with public comment time.

Meeting open to all. No charge. Please get refreshments downstairs at Fionas

facepalm image

(LFC Comment:  When we read about any global initiative to do anything, we always ask:  “What is their agenda, and who is behind the entire hoax?”

We cannot even clean up Lake Erie, and have to post signs so that residents do not accidentally swallow the water while bathing!  And we have the hubris to believe we can divert solar radiation, and removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere will help all living things.  Maybe my science teacher was wrong all along – maybe photosynthesis was over-rated or just a nasty rumor.)  

Lake Erie sign


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  1. Geoengineering??!!
    Really bad thinking. Anything they propose to reduce the sunlight reaching the surface of the earth slows and shuts down photosynthesis. If they believe carbon dioxide is a problem they should consider what problems lie in their solution. Sounds like none of them took science 101 in grade school.



    • I read one idea that was started in California (that is not a shock). They wanted to paint everything white to reflect the sunlight rather than absorbing it. All roads, rooftops were to be white! Probably would have blinded half the population.


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