Willoughby-Eastlake Residents Speak Out

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Property Taxes’ Impact on Seniors

Some VERY unhappy residents in the Willoughby-Eastlake School district sent LFC this flyer that has been distributed throughout the community. They would like Superintendent Steve Thompson to answer these questions:

  1. Has the school board already passed a resolution making the stated cuts in school activities  mandatory?
  2. If these cuts have been mandated by the school board, please tell the residents at what school board meeting the decisions were made.
  3. If the levy is not passed by the voters on November 5th,  will the school board reduce the number of administrators, or the annual pay and benefits of administrators?

If Superintendent Thompson cares to respond, LFC will provide the forum, and will present his comments unedited.

W-E levy flyer

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  1. Sorry to hear that, but most people are fed up with this money wasting board. With enrollment at an all time low and the high schools poor state grade not to mention a slew of seniors that didn’t graduate this year. You cannot expect the community to keep throwing money in this bottomless pit !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Because the levy didn’t pass and we are not in district anymore since moving from Eastlake, my kids have to enroll in Wickliffe schools WITHIN THE NEXT WEEK. THANK YOU SO MUCH for everyone who voted against this levy to devastate both of my young daughters. I feel so awful for these kids.

  3. The shear audacity of a student telling a senior that they should have planned better has totally changed my vote from a “for” to an “against “

    The administration and teachers keep getting more money and can’t plan on known revenue reductions, until a bit too late.

    School expenditures are up far more than COLA would justify.
    Greater spending has never resulted in better performance.

    Sorry, time is short, but the student responses are just too entitled.

    You’ve lost my support!

  4. Thank you! I have been looking for these for a while now, I wish it was a bit easier to find.

  5. You may want to check the Ohio Department of Education website that gives the test results for all to see.

  6. First of all, thank you for acknowledging our views as students. As far as I am concerned, the currently planned cuts are not what the levy is trying to support, but are things that need to be cut for basic operations of the school to continue.

    Is there some public database where you can access the grades of each individual school, as I find it hard to believe that our school district has a D when my school has consistently won the all A award every year since its opening.

  7. Thank you, students for input. You made the case explaining WHY the schools did not open in a timely fashion — poor planning and mismanagement. Unfortunately there is no “free ride” in life, so a few sacrifices should be made on your part NOT senior citizens who have already paid their dues. Again, how does any of the new facilities, elaborate administration building and increased spending improve the standing from a D? I think more time should be spent on academia, not sports, music, etc., unless you are going to pursue same as a livelihood and that’s rather unlikely if you can’t spell, write or add above a “D” grade level!!! The extras are NOT an entitlement……………..

  8. Some day you will be in our shoes! So until you have walked a mile in them I would reserve your inane comments!!!

  9. Freedom of speech is paramount for a civil society to function. We may not agree on every issue, but LFC will defend your right, regardless of age, to express your views. Thank you for being involved in your community.

  10. I would like to thank the creator of this blog for allowing others to share their opposing view points, and not dismissing my view for being a kid.

  11. I wonder who is paying for all the pro 4 signs. Wish we could have some, I made my own!!

  12. As a WE student, I can assure you that the school pays for band, and many sports (Not including extracurricular). I also do not understand what you mean by “threaten to pass a levy,” can you please provide a explanation as to what the connotation is so I can understand your argument.

  13. First of all, I am coming at this as a WE student, who is operating off of their own free time. From what I see, this is a case of bad financial planning. When preparing for retirement, you have to take into account that taxes may increase, and that inflation will take place. I understand you live on a fixed income, and that the government does not account for these things, but this leaves it in your hand to budget for these events.

  14. What massage chairs? i don’t see any at school.

  15. First of all, I am coming at this as a WE student, who is operating off of their own free time. I would like to remind you that much of the new Board of Education Building was paid for using insurance settlements and that when renovating the new offices they went almost $900,000 under budget. The reason that the new high schools did not start on time was so that teachers and administrators could familiarize themselves with the building, and plan out evacuation routes for the students. They also needed more time to finish sections of the building as to not put children into harm’s way. The brawl was student started and had no effect on the opening of the school. Thank you for your consideration, and I hope you change your views.

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  16. How is the flier scare tactics to me it just looks like the facts. What are you scared of logic?

  17. Oaky boomer

  18. With all the new facilities, massage chairs, etc., the school system is still rated D? Priorities need to be addressed. The Administration and the Board of Bandits should be replaced! They couldn’t even get the school opened in a timely fashion and when it was, the little incident of a brawl?

    Total mismanagement and extravagant spending. I hope “they” are enjoying their new administration building!!

    “JUST SAY NO” IS right.

  19. Mr. Delembo, we have been hearing this from a lot of seniors. Vote NO on all new renewal and new property taxes. Tell your friends and relatives to JUST SAY NO!!! The politicians and bureaucrats need to be reminded that they need to be better stewards of the taxpayers money. We are on an unsustainable path.

  20. I have already had to go back to work at 68 yrs. old just to stay afloat!! And NO we don’t live beyond our means!!!!

  21. The superintendent will be holding two more meetings to inform the public about the need for the levy. October 24 at Willoughby Hills Community Center at 8pm and October 28 at Willowick Public Library at 7pm. Hopefully the residents that are upset are able to make it and get their questions answered.

  22. Its a unfortunate playbook to cut all the programs that are important to family’s of those attending the district. To threaten to pass a levy. Plus the parents of children who are in these activities pay for the kids to be in sports or band. I find this tactic to be deplorable.

  23. Scare tactics again….Tighten your belt, that’s what seniors do.

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