Willoughby Hills

Protesting the Petitions of Julie Belich

I am writing to formally protest the petitions of Julie Belich.  I have become aware that Belich, with the assistance of the Willoughby Hills Law Director Michael Lucas, may be attempting to change the seat she is running for from the Council-at-Large seat commencing on January 2, to the Council-at-Large seat commencing January 1st.

Willoughby Hills…shining the light into the darkness

(LFC Comments: Our friends at Willoughby Hills News published this article, and mentioned our prior posts, about a very cozy relationship between Mayor Gardner and his old BFF – the dumper.) https://willoughbyhills.news/2020/05/26/mayor-andy-gardner-admits-dumper-is-old-friend-accepted-thousands-in-campaign-contributions/?fbclid=IwAR1LVKPlqo1OcqRNiliT3VUTirI8MBhQlJpvDLe9NwPbJiAatp7v9kTGWB8 Mayor Andy Gardner Admits He’s “Old Friends” With… Read More ›