Stacy Menser Rocks Dr. Thompson in the “Battle of the Titans”

LFC Comments: Thanks to the patriots at the Lake County Liberty Coalition for this article. Special thanks to our Willoughby lobbyist for sending us the video of the entire Willoughby Eastlake School Board meeting.


Following the contentious meeting on Monday, the Willoughby-Eastlake school board will be having a Special Board meeting Thursday August 11th.  District leadership is in flux as the board needs to fill a vacancy and now must also deal with the announced retirement of superintendent Steve Thompson.  Thompson criticized board member Stacy Menser at Monday’s meeting for not parroting the accepted narrative regarding the district and the coming renewal levy.

The partisan voting trends of the W-E district in elections since 2016 are about 51% Republican, 47% Democrat.  Voting patterns show Republican majorities of between 4 and 27% in 8 of the 9 school districts in Lake county.

Conservatives should NOT be or feel outnumbered either on the school board itself or in attendance at meetings.  Please show your support for Ms. Menser and conservative values at this and all local school board meetings!

Tell your like-minded friends and family that if they would like to learn more about what’s going on with K-12 Education, please attend our meeting on Wednesday August 17th, where we will hear from some  local school board members currently serving in Lake County!  

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Thompson lands a job in Akron….coming up large at $183,102.07

The school board on Monday approved the three senior staff appointments, including a new chief operating officer, Stephen Thompson. The vote on Thompson was unanimous but board member Valerie McKitrick continued to vote down other senior staff positions recommended by the superintendent, along with a number of other recommendations.

Thompson is currently the superintendent of Willoughby-Eastlake City Schools in Lake County. He will make $183,102.07 in his new role and will start Aug. 23. Thompson attended Monday’s meeting but had to leave before the vote and did not address the board.

Thompson is currently serving double duty as superintendent and the director of operations in Willoughby, Akron Chief of Human Resources Kathy McVey told the board. He has overseen the construction of two new buildings in his district and oversaw the implementation of a strategic plan.

Akron is developing a strategic plan for its facilities, most of which have undergone major renovations or full replacements with community learning centers in the last 15 years. But a number of needs remain, including 10 buildings that are untouched and limited funding to address their growing list of problems.



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