Does it pay to dump in, or on Willoughby Hills?

Julie Belich Appinted to Willoughby Hills City Council

Written by T. Paine
May 21, 2021

We just heard that Ms. Julie Belich has been appointed to City Council, and is the third person trying to fill the council seat.

You may ask, why is Belich’s name significant in this appointment? Well, Julie is married to Mr. Mark Belich, and is the owner of Parkview Land Development company that was involved in the dirt dumping caper in Willoughby Hills.

“Parkview Land Development LLC was formed on November 17, 2017 by Corpsys Inc. On July 14, 2010, Corpsys Inc. became the agent of eight companies including Sneakee Pete’s Bar & Grille and GL Crushing. Prior to Corpsys, the agent for both companies was listed as Mark Belich.”

“Appearing before the April 12, 2018 Willoughby Hills Planning and Zoning Commission’s panel of Good Ol’ Boys, he explained his plan to “fill in the area in front where there are no wetlands” to make the driveway less steep.  The plan brought before the Board was to dump 120,000 – 140,000 yards of dirt along the hillside adjacent to Chardon Road, necessitating a “large quantity of trucks” to accomplish this purpose.”

“As residents continue to be outraged by the commercial dump being operated on residential property on Chardon Road, Mayor Andy Gardner admitted the dumper, Mark Belich, is an “old friend.”  The admission came at the Willoughby Hills PCABR meeting last week.  Additionally, Lake County news site Lobbyists for Citizens reports that Gardner and his slate of candidates and political action committee received over $6,000 in campaign contributions from Belich’s father-in-law shortly before the dumping started.” 

We will let our readers decide if it pays to dump in, or on Willoughby Hills.

We can say that having friends in high places, can “greese the skids for you”.

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Here are some comments from a “concerned Lake County citizen”:

“Willoughby Hills politicians appoint Dumper to City Council. In 2019, Julie Belich’s father donated over $6,000 to the campaigns of Andy Gardner, Chris Hallum, Michael Kline and Joe Jarmieczkiecz and their PAC. Days after the election her company JAB, which also operates a large commercial dump in Wickliffe which has residents there up in arms, started sending dump trucks to environmentally protected residential property on Chardon Road in Willoughby Hills. Julie Belich’s commercial dumping on this once beautiful property, complete with commercial truck scale, continued for months in violation of the City’s Zoning code and in violation of the Ohio revised code. Now Julie Belich has been rewarded with a seat on City Council by the officials who collected her father’s money and looked the other way. Were there bribes involved? There are four seats up for election this November on Willoughby Hills Council including this one. The filing deadline to run is the beginning of August.”




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