Willoughby Hills…shining the light into the darkness

(LFC Comments: Our friends at Willoughby Hills News published this article, and mentioned our prior posts, about a very cozy relationship between Mayor Gardner and his old BFF – the dumper.)


Mayor Andy Gardner Admits He’s “Old Friends” With Dumper, Accepted Thousands in Campaign Contributions

As residents continue to be outraged by the commercial dump being operated on residential property on Chardon Road, Mayor Andy Gardner admitted the dumper, Mark Belich, is an “old friend.”  The admission came at the Willoughby Hills PCABR meeting last week.  Additionally, Lake County news site Lobbyists for Citizens reports that Gardner and his slate of candidates and political action committee received over $6,000 in campaign contributions from Belich’s father-in-law shortly before the dumping started.  You can read the full report and review the campaign finance returns here: https://lobbyistsforcitizens.com/2020/01/12/a-willoughby-hills-good-ol-boys-mystery/


tangled web of deception

(LFC Comments: Tsk, tsk Andy…oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we first set out to deceive….We are looking forward to reviewing the financial information for Willoughby Hills, and revealing it to the citizens of Willoughby Hills and Lake County.)

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