Hold Your Nose Going Through Willoughby Hills…smells of corruption

holding your nose

(LFC Comments:  If you detect a curious odor when driving through Willoughby Hills, it may be the smell of corruption.  We just received this press release, and we have to say that there is something amiss in Willoughby Hills.  We will be filing a records request with Mayor Gardner tomorrow, so stay tuned.  We will be asking for 3 years worth of financial statements, the Mayor’s 2020 proposed budget, and the compensation package for the Mayor’s Executive Assistant.

No one should have to endure what Councilwoman Majka had to put up with from the Mayor and his cohorts.)

Press Release: Willoughby Hills Councilwoman-at-Large Janet Majka resigns to
protest retaliation; continued threats of litigation
Immediate Release: 5/27/2020
Willoughby Hills, OH – On May 27, 2020, Councilwoman-at-Large Janet Majka
resigned from her second term on Willoughby Hills Council effective immediately after 4 and a half years of service to her community and over 55 years as a resident of Willoughby Hills. Councilwoman Majka was previously elected to a four-year term in 2015 and was appointed by a majority of Council to fill a vacancy on Council for another two years last December. Councilwoman Majka’s resignation letter explains that after serving as a check and balance to the status quo for over four years, she could no longer ask her family to endure the abuse and harassment that came with casting the dissenting vote against wasteful spending, fee increases and the dirty politics of City Hall.

Over the last two years, the past Mayor and his supporters unsuccessfully attempted to fire, recall and even remove Councilwoman Majka with a lawsuit in Probate Court for refusing to vote for the Mayor’s deficit budget. Although the last attempt to remove Councilwoman Majka was ruled “frivolous” by then-Law Director James O’Leary, the new Mayor Andy Gardner and his administration continue to threaten Councilwoman Majka with litigation and removal after she once again voted against the Mayor’s budget.

Councilwoman Majka’s resignation letter further explains “Unfortunately, there has been a dark side for those who speak up and challenge the status quo in Willoughby Hills City Hall . . . I voted against the Mayor’s budget this year, because it spends nearly a million dollars more than last year, when our revenue is bound to decrease due to COVID-19. I voted against the Mayor Andy Gardner’s proposal to increase garbage fees, because my neighbors told me they could not afford it.

I hoped my dissent would be respected, even if my colleagues chose not to listen, but the bullying in City Hall and retaliation has only gotten worse. Mayor Gardner was very disparaging at Council meetings when I asked questions or provided a different perspective, and following his lead, a handful of his supporters harassed me mercilessly. I can’t even begin to share how much all of this has hurt my family and close friends.”

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  1. If we are worried about things that are not right in Willoughby Hills the focus should be on their Mayor’s Court… first off the U.S. Supreme Court ruled these courts unconstitutional a long time ago every state but Ohio and Louisiana got rid of them at that point. Ohio enacted a convoluted way of keeping them legal… but most importantly is the racial significance of this court and how it is used to fund their city off the backs of minorities. Willoughby Hills is 78% white, yet over 90% of cases before the court are minorities… Ever wonder where the black lives matter movement came from. I will tell you it is places like Willoughby Hills.


  2. The reality is Majka resigned because she illegally voted herself into the council seat she was holding. She was warned before going into the selection process that she could not participate in the interviews of the other candidates and the voting for Plecnik’s replacement. She chose to ignore the advice and participated anyway. There is a law against this. Her resignation letter lacks this key bit of information.


    • By warned you mean threatened and intimidated her that if she did what they didn’t want her to do that they’d get their henchman prosecutor to go after her? There are several laws against that, you know. Way to continue the bullying, Denise.


      • I’m referring to warning her before going into the selection/voting process; it was hardly bullying. Is the prosecutor now supposed to ignore that a law was possibly broken? By the way, why the anonymous post?


    • Are you worried the bullies will bully you too if you you don’t do what they say? Are they paying you to do this and run their PAC’s? Whats the deal, Denise? Why are you willing to be so mean and spread hateful lies about people you don’t even know? It’s concerning. Seriously, are you ok?


  3. Are comments posted immediately or are the first previewed by Johnny P and deleted if they make him look bad?


  4. What Ms Majka and Johnny P didn’t mention is that she resigned in the shadow of legal charges which determined that her appointment to the Willoughby Hills City Council seat she most recently occupied was illegal. That is objective fact.


  5. Regarding the law suit in Probate Court. It had nothing to do with any of that majority of council, dubbed the “super majority” by Johnny P himself, not voting for the Mayors Budget. That is an absurd thought that a court would even entertain such a notion. The suit was filed to seek the courts judgement that portions of that super majorities actions, including passing illegal ordinances, were misfeasance, malfeasance, and or gross misconduct in office which would result in removal from office. That’s objective fact.


  6. Why is Tony Miller willing to lie, harass, bully, intimidate and harass for Gloria Majeski? Does she threaten him? Is it about money? Why?


    • LFC will look at this objectively through the lens of their financial statements. We will not get involved in any “turf wars”.


    • Johnny P, aka Anonymous, It’s about telling the truth. How about the writers look into your[redacted] activities while a Willoughby Hills council person.


      • LFC does not know who writes in the comments section. We reserve the right to edit any unfounded allegations. As we said before, the turf war in Willoughby Hills is not our concern. We will let the people decide for themselves based on facts we uncover. If you wish to write an article for our “Free Speech” zone, we will make this forum available to you.


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