Willoughby Hills Scandals…part 3

(LFC Comments: We are pleased to present part 3 of 5 parts of our Willoughby Hills mystery.  Our lobbyist slowly, but surely, pulls back the curtain on this affair.)

Who’s Dumping in Willoughby Hills? Part 3 of 5

According to public campaign records, 82 year-old Mentor resident Cuvier Lukat wrote out several checks dumping cash into the campaign coffers of four Willoughby Hills candidates along with a Political Action Committee formed by a long-time Good Ol’ Boys Club political operative and former IRS agent in Willoughby Hills named Denise Niedermeyer:

  • $750 to real estate agent and incumbent Councilman Chris Hallum, who lives down the street from Niedermeyer.
  • $500 to retired debt collector and member of the Willoughby Hills Planning and Zoning Commission Mike Kline
  • $3,000 to lawyer and Weger’s favorite Commission appointee and next-door neighbor Andy Gardner
  • And $1,300 to a Political Action Committee ironically named “Neighbors for Responsible Government”.
  • Mr. Lukat gave nothing to poor Tanya Taylor-Draper, the slate’s candidate for the District 2 seat, but he did give $1500 to Joe Jarmuszkiewicz, the Council At-Large candidate.

Strangely, Mr. Lukat’s address was different on Jarmuszkiewicz’s campaign finance return than it was on the others. Rather than the Mentor address, Jarmuszkiewicz listed his benefactor as living in a condo in Willoughby.

According to the Board of Elections, 82-year-old Mr. Lukat’s current address is the Willoughby address. Given Mr. Lukat’s lack of interest in voting outside of presidential elections, it seems extra generous of him to shovel thousands of dollars into the campaigns of local candidates running in another city.

pulling back the curtain

But seriously, why would a guy with no apparent interest in local politics pile thousands of dollars on a slate of candidates and a Political Action Committee campaigning in another city? Was Mr. Lukat perhaps delivering on behalf of someone else who might have an interest in dumping thousands of dollars into a Willoughby Hills election? Maybe a family member? Like his daughter and son-in-law?


you decide

(LFC Comment:  It is not suggested that anything illegal has taken place, just some very curious actions taken by some residents.  We will let the taxpayers decide how appropriate these actions were. Wait for parts 4 and 5 to be even more revealing.)

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  1. Costa Rica is sounding real good about now between the school board and this city including the white house!!! At least what little I get for our house will leave us in the cat bird seat there!!!


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