Gunshot Victims and Drugs…they are linked

We received this quote from a local law enforcement officer:
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“A retired detective from a major municipal US police agency once told me that if someone isn’t involved in buying or selling drugs, their chances of being the victim of a gunshot are extremely low. 

That statement resonates still today, as we rarely see an everyday law abiding member of our community at risk of gun violence during a trip to the store, walking their dog, or folding laundry. There is almost always a link to narcotics, and the remainder of the cases revolve around deep personal disputes that gets out of control.”

(LFC Comments: So when will our local leaders step up and start seriously attacking the source of the problem – start shutting off the supply of drugs that are destroying our children, and our communities. Get our federal legislators to support building the wall on our Southern border, and doing what it takes to get China to clamp down on the manufacturing and shipping fentanyl and other drugs into our country.

LFC totally supports all of our local police and sheriff departments. They have a very dangerous job, and perform admirably in keeping our streets safe.)

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