Removing “Medical Waste”…Are You Ok With This?

The Anonymous One shares some wisdom:

“It’s A Matter of Life…”

Waste hauling image

Removing aborted fetuses from Planned Parenthood

Even the toughest vigil participants hit their knees and shed a tear when a medical waste truck arrives to haul away the tiny bodies of aborted babies.

It’s bad enough that these precious babies lose their lives. The medical waste truck is a stark reminder that these precious children won’t even receive the dignity of a proper burial at a final resting place.

Instead, they are destined for an incinerator…or to be sold.

It’s great to be on the sidewalk when a baby is saved from abortion…

…but it’s just as important to be there for the children who are lost.

Your simple, but faithful, prayer and witness might be the only act of love these little girls and boys ever receive in their short time on this earth.

That’s worth it every time.

Credit 40 Days for Life.

warning signThis article and video may be difficult to watch and the content may be too graphic for you.

Why do adoptions cost so much money?  Could it be that it is a big, profitable business for lawyers, and non-profits.

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