Ohio Counties

Chardon and Their Thin Blue Line

[LFC Comments: Here is a WKYC.com article about the Chardon “Thin Blue Line” issue.] ***** https://www.wkyc.com/article/news/local/geauga-county/chardon-football-police-rally/95-2971bf6c-472a-4bfa-bf8d-4dc963abce6f Rally held in support of police outside Chardon High School football game The rally comes one week after a Chardon High School football player… Read More ›

What’s the Problem?

[LFC Comments:  Warren Edstrom of Knox County sent us the following letter he received from his Arizona friend.  He clearly identifies the problem – the current GOP.  Unfortunately, the growing consensus is the existing Republican Party will not solve the… Read More ›

Women Voters in Ohio

[LFC Comments:  We would highly suggest that women register to vote, and then actually vote.] Here are Status of Women reports for counties that follow Lobbyists for Citizens: Cuyahoga_SOW2019 Geuaga_SOW2019 Knox_SOW2019 Lake_SOW2019 Lorain_SOW2019 Portage_SOW2019 Tuscarawas_SOW2019

Tuscarawas County Reply to Records Request

Reply to a Public Records Request From: Peters, Susan J. <Peters@co.tuscarawas.oh.us> Date: Wed, Jul 22, 2020, 11:55 AM Subject: Public Information Request To: wilsonhaugh@gmail.com <wilsonhaugh@gmail.com> This office represents the Tuscarawas County Treasurer’s Office under the authority of R.C. 309.09. I am responding on behalf… Read More ›