S.O.S…S.O.S…S.O.S…SAVE OUR SENIORS from Oppressive Property Taxes

We are starting our campaign to Save Our Seniors from being priced out of their homes with ever-increasing property taxes. This is an issue that should deeply concern both political parties, and the State Senators and Representatives must get actively involved to make MEANINGFUL changes to our property tax laws. Citizens will no longer accept small increases in the homestead exemption, or any other change that will marginally reduce property taxes.

Many citizens are approaching their Housing Affordability Threshold (30% of their annual income for property taxes, utilities and mortgage payments), and 50% or more of seniors will exceed their HAT.

Any tax that causes a citizen to become homeless is immoral!

The following letter will be sent to all Ohio Senators and Representatives.

If you agree with us, please share this article with your friends, relatives and acquaintances. We would like this to spread throughout Ohio, so that our legislators know that we mean business. Seniors are a powerful voting block, and they are tired of not having a voice in the State legislature.

Losing the American Dream

All future property tax levies are going to be in jeopardy because of the massive increase in property taxes for Counties, Municipalities and School Districts without a vote of the people. We are seeing a massive money grab without any concern for the taxpayers.

You do not own your home, you are merely renters from the government because of the ever-increasing property taxes.

We are being taxed on unrealized gains.

Any tax that causes a citizen to become homeless is immoral!

Now is the time for all good citizens to Save Our Seniors!

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