You Can File a Complaint Against Your Property Valuation

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

Thanks to a Kirtland resident for reminding us about the citizen’s ability to appeal the valuation of their property.

“…Value appeals require a Complaint Against Valuation of Real Property (DTE1) form.  The filing period to dispute your value is from January 1st – March 31st…”

Here is a link to the webpage with the instructions and forms.  


My personal experience with the Board of Revision:

I found my argument was better received because I had a professional appraisal of the property. You may find it interesting that the school districts have their own lawyer at the meetings. The school districts lose tax revenue if your property value is reduced, so you will not have a sympathetic ear from the lawyer.

You may want to mention: “If we stay on the path of ever-increasing property values, we will price seniors and those on fixed incomes out of their homes that they have worked on their lives to achieve.”

It may give them a twinge of guilty, but in reality no one cares about your problems. This is all about a money grab for the taxing authorities, and a continual growth of government.

Just wait until you see your property tax bill for 2025. The property values will increase approximately 30% in 2024 with the tax collected in 2025.


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