Lies, Deceptions and Betrayals on Full Display in Lake County

By Wonder Woman of Lake County

Go Woke Go Broke

The United Way, including their Board member, Morris Beverage 3rd, is pushing hard for us to accept their Woke agenda known as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion “DEI.” Some refer to it as “DIE.”

The definition of die is “to pass from physical life.” The WOKE agenda of D.I.E. means to have us pass from the life we all know (that man is a man XY and woman is a woman XX) and move into a new way of thinking (subjective reality), which is counter to the way we have always lived our lives.

They want us to believe that we can be anything we want; a woman can be a man, a man can be a woman – heck you can identify as anything you want. The Marxist’s Woke agenda demands that we all accept these outrageous claims, or we will be ostracized.

If we vote in leaders with the WOKE agenda mindset, it will be the death of our society. Schools are pushing this agenda on our students all over the country and even in our back yard in the Mentor Schools. Look who else is pushing this absolute moronic agenda – “THE UNITED WAY”.

Guess who is on the Board of Directors for United Way? None other than the Democrat MORRIS BEVERAGE 3rd running as a Republican for Lake County Commissioner.

Shame on all Lake County Republicans for deceiving the Lake County voters by supporting this obvious Democrat. There will be a day of reckoning for this betrayal.


LFC input by Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

We would like to prove that the “apple does not fall far from the tree”. Morris Beverage 2nd, President of Lakeland Community College, is also a “fellow traveler” and supports the Marxist agenda of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (D.I.E.). So how do we know the Beverage family’s position on D.I.E.? Just listen to this Lakeland leader clearly state that D.I.E. is the cornerstone of Lakeland Community College. The 2nd was in the meeting and remained totally silent agreeing with this claptrap. By the way, Lake County taxpayers are supporting this Woke agenda to the tune of $20 million per year in property taxes. [Check your property tax bill to see how much you are contributing to the Woke agenda of Lakeland Community College.]


Wonder Woman continues –

There is a group in Lake County that wants to change the way we live,
and it starts with Beverage, Carl DiFranco, Chris Galloway (who put out a false slate
card) and others.

Here is the false slate card distributed by Auditor Chris Galloway:

Do not be fooled, it is not the official Republican Slate Card.

I kind of think Mr. Galloway might have broken the Federal Election Commission law in sending a false slate card using his position as an elected official to do an In Kind contribution to all those on his false slate card.

Matt Dolan was not endorsed, Beverage was not endorsed and DiFranco was NOT endorsed… the Lake County Republican Party endorsed Ms. Faith Andrews for Clerk of Courts.

Clerk of Courts, Ms. Faith Andrews, is the only one on the OFFICIAL Lake County Republican
slate card.

We all need to be aware of this group here in Lake County.

Galloway, Beverage, DiFranco and others that are, or want to be leaders in our county. It WILL affect us all (trickle-down effect).

Let’s make sure Beverage is not elected as OUR Commissioner. We cannot take that chance.

Here is the official Lake County Republican Slate Card:


LFC received another complaint from a registered Lake County Republican about Auditor Galloway’s tactics with the fake slate card.

Here is the response from the Concerned Citizen:

Many voters do their own research when considering candidates. However, with the March 19th primary election looming, you may be receiving lists of endorsed candidates, or “slate cards” in the mail. When considering these slate cards it is critical that voters look for the “Paid for By” notice to understand who or what group is behind the list of candidates you’re being asked to vote for.

The Lake County Republican Party’s list of endorsed candidates was mailed recently. It does NOT include an endorsement in the US Senate race between Bernie Moreno, Frank LaRose, and Matt Dolan, nor does it endorse a candidate in the contested commissioner’s race between Commissioner John Hamercheck and challengers Dennis Keeney and Morris Beverage III.

However, some Lake County residents also received a different postcard containing a slate of candidates referred to as the “Lake County Republican Team” including a generic of a GOP-style elephant logo. This card was paid for by the campaign committee for county auditor Chris Galloway, and lists Matt Dolan as the preferred choice for US Senate, and Morris Beverage for County Commissioner. In addition, while the Lake GOP endorsed Faith Andrews for Clerk of Courts, the slate card provided by Christopher Galloway endorses her opponent, Carl DiFranco. The Galloway covers its legal bases by saying in small text on the back, “Not authorized by any candidate or committee“.

All voters should take the time to inform themselves and others when they go to vote this election. Many of your friends and family feel the “duty” to vote, but simply take a slate card that was mailed to them because they don’t have time to research the candidates for themselves. “Fake slate cards” are a tried and true tactic used to finagle more votes by targeting these types of voters who don’t pay attention to the small print. Depending on the number targeted households, the “Friends of Chris Galloway,” whoever they may be, might have spent upwards of $10,000 to tell voters about the “Lake County Republican Team” that includes endorsements for 3 candidates that were NOT endorsed by the party.


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