Residential Property Tax Rates…Northeast Ohio comparison

We expanded our research comparing the residential property tax rates for Northeast Ohio counties to the overall State of Ohio average.

Here is the link to our previous article comparing Lake County to the overall State of Ohio average:

Kudos to NorthStar Title Services for their work in generating the following reports:

Here are the reports for the seven counties:
Ashtabula Property Tax Rates
Cuyahoge Property Tax Rates
Geauga Property Tax Rates
Lake Property Tax Rates
Lorain Property Tax Rates
Portage Property Tax Rates
Summit Property Tax Rates

We summarized the averages for each county and created this chart for comparison purposes:

Comparison of Property Tax Rates

out of control

The highest residential property tax rate in the seven county area is the taxing district South Euclid / Cleveland Heights at 4.31%!!!!  Compared to the State of Ohio average of 1.57, they are 174.5% [(4.31 – 1.57)/1.57] higher than the State average.  The annual property taxes for a $100,000 home in that taxing district is an unbelievable $4,310.00. ($100,000 x 4.31%)   In a little over 23 years the homeowners will have paid another $100,000 for the right to live in their home. ($100,000 / $4,310)

As we have said before, the American dream of home ownership is really just an illusion.  Even after the mortgage is paid, the property taxes must be paid forever.

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  1. Been saying this for years…it is all an illusion. You can’t pay for a debt with a debt note. The Federal Reserve note you have in your wallet or pocketbook is a DEBT NOTE…says it right on the front. If our currency was backed by anything of intrinsic value, then you would own your home. It has ben done this way on purpose. The government owns all the land…you are just a renter. This is why they can take “your property” and tell you how to live on your own property by, in some cases, draconian zoning laws depending on where you live and how tyrannical the government is.

    I know, I know…no one want’s to hear that or believe it. The people best believe…unless we reclaim the Republic we will be condemning our children and grandchildren to live in outright tyranny in the not too distant future. There have been plenty of people out there sounding the alarm for some time now. Wake up and smell the tyranny!


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