Property Tax Ballot Language…Too bad Rep. Rogers does not care

We have been interested in State Representative Derek Merrin’s concerted efforts to help Ohio taxpayers better understand what they are voting for as it relates to the complex world of property taxes.

Here is the article that details Rep. Merrin’s changes in the existing law:

Here are excerpts from the article:

“…all ballot language describing requests to approve property-tax levies would be required to:

Describe the amount someone would pay per $100,000 of a property’s fair market value. Currently, ballot issues describe the effect on $100 of taxable value. In Ohio, taxable value is 35 percent of a property’s market value. (emphasis added by LFC)

In other words, under current law, a ballot request for a 1-mill tax hike would describe a tax increase of 10 cents per $100 in taxable value. The proposed law would describe it as $35 per $100,000 in market value, which is the amount in new taxes the owner of a home worth $100,000 actually would pay.

* Describe the total estimated amount of money the tax issue would raise annually. Currently, only some types of levies are required to do this.

* Be written in the same-size font in plain type. Currently, a levy’s purpose in some cases is required to be written in bold font that’s at least twice the size of the rest of the text.

The change in font sizes, Merrin said, is distracting, and makes the process less fair.

Merrin said his bill’s overall goal is to increase transparency in the process of seeking property tax increases or renewals. Many voters don’t understand what mills are, or how taxable value relates to a property’s actual value, he said.”

[LFC Comments: We wholeheartedly agree with Representative Merrin.  The current wording on the ballot language is a pure and simple deception to confuse the voters.  The politicians want to make the proposed tax levy appear to be an insignificant amount to the voters.  However, we are on to their scam!]
Rep. Merrin’s proposal was in the current budget, but Governor DeWine issued a line-item veto, and removed the proposal from the budget.  So why did he do that since DeWine purports to be the “peoples’ Governor”?….(LFC Comments: He is kidding, right? Wonder if his father was also a mailman?)  Well, allegedly, he was fed horse manure from those that oppose the proposal to provide transparency to the voters. The change would make things more difficult for the Auditors’ offices across the State of Ohio.
[LFC Comments:  The deception is appalling!!!!   Do you think the liberal public school teacher’s union might be complicit in this deception?  Better to keep the peasants in the dark, and play on their emotions to pass levies.]
pulling back the curtain

So how did our State Representative John Rogers (District 60) stand up for the voters in his district?  Well, quite frankly, he caved to the pressure and voted AGAINST the bill.  It appears Rogers does not really care if you do not understand what you are voting for.  We judge him based on his actions, not his words.

You may want to remember that vote when Johnnie’s term is up for State Representative, and he tries to become a Lake County Commissioner.  Rogers is also in charge of the Lake County Land Reutilization Corp – better known as the Land Bank.  He is a career politician and an established Lake County cabal member.

Rep. Rogers’ office sent us this video that shows Rogers and Merrin discussing the legislation.  Rogers speaks at the 25:45 mark and Merrin at the 36:57.

[LFC Comments:  We would like to see the entire concept of “mills” be dropped in favor of a stated percentage.  Voters are confused – and that is the why the politicians and bureaucrats like the current language.

Note to Taxpayers:  Please start to speak out.  Tell  these politicians that they work for average citizens and not the lobbyists for all the special interest groups.  Honesty and transparency in government is mandatory, but do not expect politicians to do it without your oversight.  Contact your State Representative John Rogers, and remind him to stop working for the special interest lobbyists, and start thinking about the average citizen that is being priced out of their homes.]

To contact Rogers, click on this link:

To contact Governor DeWine:

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