Public Pensions…we need to wake up

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Public pensions do not seem to get much attention in the main stream media.  You may want to listen to this short Prager University video that explain the plight of public pensions, and what may be in store for the private sector.  We are out of control!

Just highlight, right click, and follow the link.

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  2. Yep…the things people do for a paycheck and pension. I don’t know…maybe it is poetic justice that the people helping the bad guys to fleece the American people at all levels of government…especially local…may not have as much of a pension that they think. If I were getting up there in years and I worked for government, I think I’d retire now…start getting that pension while you can.

    God has woven into the very fabric of the universe consequences for every decision we make…good and bad…and some just take a really long time to boomerang back…but one always always reaps what he sows. Woe be to those who help the bad guys…like the house slaves of old and the Jews who helped lead their brethren to the gas chambers telling them not to worry…it was only a shower. You will be judged much more harshly…because you have betrayed the people…your people.

    Same goes for the blacked robed bunch…they will be judged harshly as well. Frankly, I think the judgment has already started. Look at the state of organized religion in this country. Those that have sold their flocks out long ago to the marriage license, Romans 13, and lots of money from dead rich people (they had to be a 501(c)3 to accept those kinds of lump sum donations) are reaping what they’ve sewn. People are leaving churches in droves. They are no longer supporting these harlot churches with their money…and they are going back to the Bible…the revealed Word of God. They are practicing what Jesus the Christ preached about. You do not need them…the priest class. You have a direct connection to the Creator…and you always have. Organized religion during the time of Jesus was just as corrupt as it has become today. Power and money. See what happens when you compromise with evil…even just a little bit.

    I long for the day that the church has been redeemed in this land. Try finding a NON-501(c)3 church out there. They do exist. Pastor Chuck Baldwin has started something called the Liberty Church Project. Check it out: More of these churches need to be started.

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