Concord Fire Levy…do not be deceived

We retrieved this flyer from the garbage, and thought that we should express our opinion on this extremely well-done flyer.  Kudos to Chris G – great emotional plea..


We offer Chris a suggested picture for his next flyer that is guaranteed to garner at least another 50 -100 votes. It will have them stampeding to the polls….


Here is Lobbyists for Citizens’ response to issue 1.  We are not supporting this property tax for these reasons:

  1. Politicians told us that the continuous safety levy passed a couple of years ago was to pay for BUILDINGS.
  2. There has been no satisfactory explanation for the need for a 24,000 square foot station.
  3. The community would be better served by 3 smaller fire stations spread throughout the community to reduce response time.
  4. The three new fire stations could be paid with the fire safety levy funds without raising additional property taxes.
  5. Trustees state that they will pay of the debt early – how can they make commitments for Trustees that are yet to be elected.
  6. If Malchesky and Galloway are now so worried about firefighters, why did they let the firefighters live in such deplorable conditions in all the years that they were in control as Trustees.  They chose to ignore them in favor of the ill advised Capital Parkway and a round-a-bout to no where.
  7. Save our seniors from being priced out of their homes that they have worked all their lives to achieve.
Save our Seniors 2 image

Property Taxes’ Impact on Seniors

Seniors, if you continue to pass  these property taxes many of you will exceed your housing affordability threshold [30% of your annual income spent on mortgage, utilities and property taxes].

Nothing should happen in Lake County if seniors to do want it to happen!

If you do not have family to take you in, this may be the government’s solution to your housing needs:


You say it will never happen, well what about government’s section 8 housing solution for seniors….?

waitlist (2) Section 8 4





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  1. LOL is this Paul or Chris?

  2. Honestly that small house looks amazing. I am going to look into those.

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