Better Flop…What No Bids? Say it Ain’t So

Well lookie here…..

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Markie and the boys could not get one bid on the Better Flip house.  Remember that they stated that they had hundreds of people walk through and everyone spoke glowingly of the renovated bungalow.  The opening bid was to be $160,000, but they got how many bids?  Answer: ZERO, NADA, ZILCH., less than ONE!

So what is the Port Authority’s solution to the problem?  Why let’s list it at $179,900!  Yes, that is the answer. The public will never know about the three basement walls that had to be replaced and the unregistered contractors used to perform the work.  That was swept under the rug a long time ago…nothing to see here…just move on.

Wonder if Commissioners Cirino and Young and Mayor Regovich will be helping to sell this home.  They could be door greeters extolling the virtues of selling a home that cost $299,000 of the taxpayers money for $179,900.   That is what happens when you do not start a project with a budget.

Markie said any shortfall will be considered marketing expense.  The taxpayers have another name for it.   Insert your name here ____________________________!


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  1. Yeah, nobody’s paying that kind of money for that house in that neighborhood. No offense to the neighborhood, I lived there for over a decade and only recently moved to Concord. But, I’m pretty sure the bank will laugh in your face if you try to get a loan for that house.

    And it’s my understanding that they want more money for the new schools in Willoughby and Eastlake when supposedly they were already budgeted for. I would think that these agencies that spend our money would have to post receipts on their websites so we can see exactly what they are spending our money on.

  2. It is still on hold as of right now….we are on top of that issue

  3. we will check with the listing agent…

  4. A $110.000.00 house with the driveway exiting on a main BUSY street , and when you are outside you are on display to the BUSY street!. A one car garage come on why didn’t you build a 2 car garage.
    Another boondoggle like the new multimillion dollar schools the wasters want to build everywhere. All these people who think up these extravaganza’s are stone cold crazy for spending other people’s (taxpayers) money.

  5. Quote from the Zillow listing.
    The list price and Zestimate® for this home are very different, so we might be missing something.

  6. What’s the status of Mr. Rogers giveaway in the Painesville neighborhood, the HOLA Clubhouse? Sent from Mail for Windows 10

  7. Business as usual

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

  8. I wonder if the agent selling the house is taking any money. Is the taxpayer going to have to pay the 7% commission, or is she doing this for the good of humanity and the Lake County taxpayer?

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