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You walk into a store where the staff is no longer harassing you but the customers begin to bark and growl at you. They look at you with utter disdain. One begins to yell, “security! security!”

 It doesn’t make sense, have they lost their minds? Their behavior is actually anger at themselves not at you. Your uncovered face reminds them of what they have given away. 

Covered faces bring them relief. A covered face is a sign that that individual, also, has given away so much. Those antagonistic towards our freedoms are suffering from cognitive dissonance. 

They can’t admit those they trusted have actually been abusing them. Admitting it would require courage since once the abuse is faced, it will have a domino effect into every area of their lives.

Our stance for truth and freedom has caused us to lose friends, family, jobs, etc. Those in “denial” do not want to lose anything. Sadly, they’ve lost the most valuable quality of all, their self-respect.


* Tonight, May 28th at 5:00. is our monthly potluck. We’re having game night once again. Never played “spoons” before? No problem, we’ll teach you.  Bring your favorite dish to share.

Saturday, May 29th 4:00 – 8:00PM I will be in Long Beach.

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Wednesday, June 2nd 5:00 our guest speaker is Marc Ang. If you are not familiar with him, he is an exceptional communicator. You will be blessed and encouraged. His bio is attached. 

If you have not met the next Governor of California, his name is Daniel Mercuri. No nonsense, no empty promises, just grit and integrity. I will keep you posted as to where he will be speaking so you can get to know him further. He spoke at our meetup earlier this month. Watch his interview with Nick Yaya here “Daniel Mercuri is determined to route out the corruption in California politics. We’ll be discussing the grass-roots movement taking hold at the district level, attempts by the establishment to intimidate him to withdraw from the race, geoengineering, biblical prophecy, and much more!”

* Tuesday, June 8th, 7PM Locations tbd. Daniel Lee will be in town from Alaska to organize a Patriot meeting. If you have not watched him, his Channel was removed from several platforms, but it can be found here. He is traveling across the U.S. setting up Patriot meetings and many of them continue. My sister introduced me to him and I invited him to Los Angeles, hence June 8th. We’ll be meeting at a restaurant as soon as I can locate one. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Enjoy our beautiful California weather this weekend courtesy of our Creator God, 

Gia 🌻


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