Unbelievably EVIL…using babies for science experiments

Aborted Baby Skulls Used For Lab Rat Experiments WARNING – This information is very disturbing!

Tucker Carlson asks David Daleiden about the experiments on aborted babies.

“Has Fauci accounted for this?”

“No, and Dr. Anthony Fauci owns every bit of this study.”


LFC Comments by Brian Massie, President of LFC
May 25, 2021

After watching this video, I immediately thought about a book a neighbor gave to me: the Extermination of Christianity published in 1993 by Paul Schenck. The following are quotes from that book that apply to the barbaric scientific experiments David Daleiden discusses with Tucker Carlson.

“…the Clinton administration supports the free distribution of birth control to public school students, taxpayer funded abortion on demand, and the use of the brains and bodies of pre-born children in scientific experimentation.”…[Schenk introduction xiv]

“In a uniquely truthful and reflective article on fetal research, Newsweek magazine reported on a team of Finnish and American scientists that decapitated a dozen prematurely born infants that were ‘aborted live’ [sic] and ‘kept the heads alive artificially for study’. The article included another study in which ‘aborted fetuses’ were kept alive in saline solution to determine whether they could absorb any oxygen. ‘Science does not advance in a moral vacuum’ the writer intoned. ‘Time and time again it intrudes on the concerns of the conscience.’ [Schenk Introduction page xviii]

Schenk refers to another book: “In the book How Holocausts Happen: The United States in Central America, the author Douglas Popora concludes that:”

“It does not require sadistic, or insane people to carry out genocidal activities. Ordinary people will perform those functions just as well. But for genocide to occur, more is needed than just government bureaucrats willing to obey an order. A genocidal government must have the compliance of its public as well, for if the public outcry is sufficient, the government will be unable to carry on. Conversely, it is the absence of such criticism that allows genocide to take place. In the end, genocide is a crime an entire society commits.” [Schenk page 44]




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