Dr. Doug Frank speaks out on Election Fraud

Dr. Doug Frank – Follow the Data


We the people need to re-engage in our local politics.


Thought we were meeting with the Ohio Secretary of State this morning. But he was a NO SHOW on perhaps one of the most important issues facing our state, and the legitimacy of his term in office.

Joe Blystone and I showed up bright and early at his office. We were given no reason… no excuse. Pretty rude, if you ask me.

Instead we met with five of his team. Reasonable guys; one of them a data guy who had completed an initial analysis of some state data at the county level. He was stalled at a place most people get stuck, and we discussed it a bit. I give them kudos for this; most election folks in government don’t even try.We told them that our preferred strategy is to work with them, not against them. That a bunch of data is about to be released to the public that will expose how their systems were infiltrated and corrupted.

They have a choice… they can either ‘fess up now and be proactive, or have egg on their faces later when everything comes out.

I’m optimistic that they are leaning toward the prior. For sure, some productive inroads were established.

The other major issue is the situation with Joe’s vote. Despite showing up on election day, Franklin County failed to record his families’ votes. Joe was called out and insulted in the media because of this, potentially harming his campaign (maybe emboldening it?) and Joe is asking for proof that his vote counted.

The SoS office instructed us to ask the Franklin Co officials. Pretty lame response in my opinion; they should have offered to make some phone calls for us.

I think they still don’t understand the magnitude of what is about to hit them.

We are going to be asking to see all the records, and to count all the ballots and votes from every precinct in Franklin Co. Joe has a right to know if his vote was counted. And so does every other Franklin County resident.

Time will tell whether LaRose will be found to be a patriot or an establishment, status quo politician.

I promise you, we have recordings of the electronic traffic with the election machines.

Before, during, and after the elections.

And in more ways than we have said yet publicly.

Any politician who tells you that the election systems are secure are either lying to you, or they’ve fallen for the line they have been given by non-adversarial auditors.


LFC Comments: We have been involved in extensive research on the Lake County election, voter database, etc. We will be preparing articles on what we have found about election results in Lake County.



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