Politics defined…..

puppet on a string

Just a few observations after attending an all day seminar yesterday on “what makes a politician react”.

The seminar started with a definition of “Politics”….many would think that it is “the art of compromise for the common good of all citizens”.  Laughing image

LOLOLOL – ok, we are just kidding you with that “Utopian ideal”.  What is our world really like?

Let’s play charades and break it down in syllables, shall we?

  1. First syllable: “Poli” = Many
  2. Second syllable: “Tics” = Blood Sucking Creatures

So there we have the answer – Politics is made up of “Many Blood Sucking Creatures”

The balance of the seminar was not anymore flattering toward politicians.  We should be thankful, at least for now, that our system of governance does allow for peaceful settlement of issues, has checks and balances, and power is diffused to various levels. (federal, state, and local)

Many politicians, certainly at the higher levels, forget who rules whom, and many citizens incorrectly put politicians on pedestals.   Citizens and politicians need to understand that it is the citizens that have the power!  Politicians work for the citizens, and not vice-versa!

Money has far too much influence in our political system, and perhaps that is also true in every political system.  To get anywhere in politics, regardless if you are a “D” or a “R”,  you must be a team player, and be willing to do what is necessary for the betterment of the party.   You will need money to win an elected office, and the party is the primary source of money.  However, you could get appointed when there is an opening due to illness or death; and the party can slip you in through the back door, even if you are not qualified for the position.

For the younger generations with lofty aspirations for higher public office, be assured that compromising your principles may be necessary for advancement. So if you do not see yourself dancing on the end of some strings, then you may want to consider some other line of work.

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  1. Those who rule us at all levels of government consider the people useless eaters. That’s why we fund our own destruction…and the Ivory Tower crowd laughs at you behind your back. They feign concern for the poor and down trodden and every other “cause.” They will say and do ANYTHING to get your vote…then when they get elected they simply go about using their power to enrich themselves in every way possible.

    This is what our political system has degenerated to. Corruption abounds…at all levels of government…and in some cases the corruption at the local level is the worst because that is what most directly impacts the citizens. The people must take their power back. They must investigate and uncover the corruption. They must recall corrupt politicians…and those who lie to us during the election and then do EXACTLY what they said they would not do once they get elected. And when they are caught in a lie…they need to be exposed for that too. Lots of lying going around these days…lack of candor is far too nice for what they have done and continue to do.


    • Thanks Jeff……we completely agree, and that is what we at LFC are trying to do….I have been accused of being too nice and trusting before….The Lake County elected officials and bureaucrats may disagree with everyone about our being too nice…..lol…All we can do is expose them, shine the light on what they are doing….If we are going down, we are going to go down fighting. That we can promise everyone!


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