Lakeland Community College…looking for trustee

trumpet image  We are sounding the trumpets……looking for another Trustee…

We have heard that Commissioner (Blank) is looking to find a replacement for newly appointed Lakeland Community College trustee.  Mr. Jason Ziegler has reportedly declined to accept the appointment  for “personal reasons”.

If you would like to be considered for the position, send your resume to the Republican Commissioner (Blank) at the Lake County Administration office.  Looks like he is either: (1) able to reach across the aisle since he has reappointed Paul Malchesky, a staunch Democrat, to the Morley Library Board, or (2) there really is no difference in parties in Lake County and it is all one big cabal.

We do remember Commissioner (Blank) supporting the highly unusual ticket of Malchesky (D) and Chris Galloway (R) for the last Concord Township trustee race.  We were under the impression that it is verboten for the Republican Party to support a Democrat candidate.   What to heck, their party platform is also just words…..merely a guideline to deceive the unwashed masses.

Matthew 7:16 “By their fruits, you will judge them….”

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