Record Request Option….we have our rights..they work for us! update 3/26

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Thanks to our Kirtland lobbyist for this information regarding mediation of records requests by the community activists.

If a governmental agency or non-profit fails to produce the requested records, the citizens have another option under Senate Bill 321.  Here is a link to the bill:  Bill 321 Mediation for Records Requests

How would the bill work?
  1. If a request for public records is denied or delayed, the requester can file a complaint in their county clerk’s office for the Ohio Court of Claims. The fee to file would be $25.
  2. The government entity would have seven days to respond.
  3. The Court of Claims would attempt to mediate the problem between the two parties, and could do so by phone from Columbus.
  4. If the mediation fails, a special master would render advisory opinion that would then be considered by a Court of Claims judge, who would issue a legally binding decision.
  5. Either party can appeal, but the appeal would also be handled into expedited manner.

Updated 3/26/19 – Thanks to GlindaAnon for this update.

Here is the form that can be used:  public-records-complaint-form-2018

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