Proposed Legislation….look out Visitors’ Bureau

Well this interesting news. Thanks to the research by our Kirtland lobbyist we found proposed legislation that mandates that all Visitors’ Bureaus are required to follow the Ohio’s Open Meeting laws and must comply with all records request.

Proposed legislation VB hb176_00_IN

Here is a summary of the bill:  “To amend section 3.111 of the Revised Code to require certain convention and visitors’ bureaus to make available for inspection by the public all meeting minutes, vendor payment information, and financial information.”

We know of one Visitors’ Bureau that probably has their “knickers in a bunch” because of this proposed legislation.  They can no longer hide behind the fact that they are a 501 c (6) non-profit, and ignore us.   They may even have to follow the Ohio Revised Code and have dues paying members…..Wouldn’t that be a novel idea?….following the law..

clapping image

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